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This page is our way of thanking our Supporters for aiding in and supporting the mission of Zaenah's Blanket Foundation, Inc. to keep "wrapping children in love 1 blanket at a time" helping and to educate caregiviers in Infant/Child CPR, thus helping to reduce the infant mortality rate.


Zaenah's Blanket Foundation, Inc. would like to extend a multitude of thanks to the following individuals for their generous contributions in support of our annual events.

Shawnna Christopher, Alicia LaRaine Middleton, Brett L. Wilson, Kathryn Morrison, Kimmy Figueroa, Diane Bailey, Novie Walker, Desina Marshall, Evelyn Colon, Aaron Padgett, Samirat Rivers, Sharon Mendoza-Gardner, Deborah Cofer, Terri Ruiz, Taisha Turpin, Lena Shah, Coleman & Jess Lynch, Jessie Landy, Ken McVay, Tarsha Barton, Jacqueline Bentacurt & Husband, Delilah Negron-Colon, Leslie Rodriguez, Mai Aikens, Yvon Carr, and those donors who choose to remain Anonymous. We are grateful for your kindness and generosity.

Hugs, kisses and good wishes today and everyday.