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About Us

Zaenah’s Blanket Foundation, Inc. is a 501(3)(c) not for profit organization founded in the memory of my daughter, Zaenah Mitchell, a beautiful vibrant 2 year old whose star was dimmed 21 years ago. During my pregnancy with Zaenah, I had always planned to make her a keepsake quilt from bits and pieces of her clothing and blankets for her to have when she grew up, but sadly this never came to pass.

After many years of brainstorming and the subsequent memory of the young woman who shared my room in the hospital and to whom my family and I gave because she had nothing in which to take her baby home , the idea of Zaenah’s keepsake quilt manifested into Zaenah’s Blanket Foundation, Inc.

The purpose of the foundation is to collect and distribute baby blankets, clothing and other essentials to those in need, so families of these newborns have something to bring their babies home in from the hospital ans well as care for them going forward. We are also a resource to the community by which we provide support to pregnant women and or families with children up to five years old who are in need of parenting support, doula services, grief counseling, clothing and books.

Though blankets and quilts are the primary focus, Zaenah’s Blanket Foundation, Inc. accepts all things baby; clothing, books, strollers, cribs, bedding, car seats, etc.. These items are distributed monthly and we are totally donation driven.

The 1st distribution took place on the Foundation's debut, Wednesday, December 30, 2009, on what would have been Zaenah’s Sweet 16th birthday. What better way to celebrate than to give gifts in her memory to those born that day. We distributed 16 gift bags filled with blankets and clothing.

Currently, each gift bag distributed to the nurseries contains a receiving blanket, an outer blanket and starter clothing, i.e. undershirts, sleepers, gowns and/or an outfit, we also add a story book which fosters the importance of reading to children even at infancy.

Each gift bag distributed to the Early Intervention program contains clothing, books and educational toys when available.

The foundation has also gifted tubs, potties, boppies, bedding, strollers and car seats.

Through this initial act , the foundation has been well received and we now service 1 family shelter, 5 hospitals throughout the Bronx and Manhattan including an Early Intervention program which services children ages 0 to 5 years old and we continue to grow.

We are also committed to educating caregivers in Infant/Child CPR. No child or family should suffer a tragedy due to lack of education.

Thank you to all those who are able to give; past, present & future.

Your continued support helps us meet this need in our communities.

Hugs, kisses and good wishes from Zaenah’s Blanket Foundation, Inc.